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Planned by experts, our training programs are completely based on the active process learning principles and that differentiates us from the crowd & makes it Premium. We deliver to our promise & put our customers priority first. We understand the need of customers very well, that makes all our customers smile.

We shape attitudes, develop knowledge and skills and influence organizations in three key areas: Individual Effectiveness, Benefit to Organisation and Satisfied customer. To guide you toward achieving goals, we offer research, training, consulting and coaching. We also recommend ways to implement solutions that will put newly acquired competence into action. Employees gain the motivation, skills and tools to change their behavior effectively and increase competence. With our hands-on approach, results are measurable.


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About The Founder

KIRAN JAIN is an Entrepreneur, a Leader, a Public Speaker, a Parent and a Travel & Adventure Enthusiast who loves to explore the world.

Having 15 years of enrich cross country and cross culture work experience in India, Europe and South East Asia, She is a Certified Soft Skills Trainer and is now training and coaching people to be successful in their personal and professional life. She has conducted many training for corporates, organisations, institutions and societies. Focusing on Communication Skills, Interpersonal Skills, Etiquette and Leadership Skills, she claims that these trainings mould a person into a successful social person along with personal and professional development.

Her passion is to support and be part of people’s journey as they make transition into new behaviors, new situations, new roles, new companies or new geographies. She has expertise in adopting a global perspective and understanding the nuances of working with multi-cultural and virtual teams. Kiran uses her diverse professional background to bring in a broad perspective and pragmatic approach to behavior change and getting measurable results.

Kiran has been editor of a Magazine and also has written a book on Belief System; “Belief-The Power that defines Destiny”. Certified for Happiness program on “How to have a Happy and Fulfilled Life” from ISB and “Science of Happiness” from Berkeley Institute of Well Being, she is dedicated to bring happiness in lives of people.


Simple & Efficient

The objective of this soft skill training program is to motivate the employees towards their goals, develop the positive attitude in them, help them improve their knowledge, to be passionate in the work they do, develop multitasking ability, to respect the decisions and policies of the management, develop the knowledge of technology and help them become best employees as well as great citizens. In the soft skills trainings, the participants will have different tasks given to them just like the real life scenarios so that they can improve on their personality, also on the decision making and other skills.

Below are our training Programswhich can be customized as per the requirement of the customer

Understanding Stress, Types of Stress. How can we remove stress from our life and how to cope up with Stress.

How to manage our time efficiently. Time Management Matrix. Smart Time Management.

“Together Everyone Can Achieve More”, Stages in team building, Characteristics of effective team, defining motivation.

Understanding Leadership, Types of Leadership, Leadership Styles, Leadership Skills and Attitude, Difference between Leader and Manager, Being and effective Leader.

Selling/ Haggling, Professional Selling Skills, What do customer care about, Sales Cybernetics, FAB(Feature Advantage, Benefit), Sales Process, Handling Objections, Closing.

Non-Verbal Communication, Importance of body language. How to be more impressive in Professional and Daily life. What is the role of each part of the body when we communicate?

Emotional Intelligence

What is EI, Emotions, Why we need EI, Why EI is important, Types of EQ, Why EQ, Benefits of EQ, Developing EI, Components of Emotional Competence Framework.

How to prepare for an interview, SWOT analysis, How to prepare your resume, Things to keep in mind before and after interview.

Interpersonal Behaviour, How to have strong bonding in personal and professional relationships. How to connect with people, Cooperation and Competition, Understanding yourself and others.

General & Business Etiquette, Email Etiquette, Phone Etiquette.

Importance of Goal Setting, Types of Goals, How to set Goals, SMART Goals.

“Making people hear what you want to say”, Understanding communication, communication process, communication pyramid, Vocal and Verbal elements, communication barriers, different styles of communication, listening skills, steps of effective communication.